Every year, we celebrate the accomplishments of our graduation players by awarding several scholarships.  Applications are based on several criteria including their soccer resume.  This year, was no different with 10 scholarships being awarded totalling $6,000.

Congratulations to:

Alexa Kinnaird

Cassidy Williams

Jillian Denton

Joshua Wu

Julia Dunlop

Krista MacGregor

Mitchell Watson

Sarah Harrison

Scott Hemhold

Victoria Wolgemuth

A ceremony honouring the recipients was held at Gates Park on Monday June 22nd – with all social distancing precautions in place.  Thank you to Mayor Brad West, Councillor Steve Darling and the Port Coquitlam Sports Alliance for helping us celebrate and making this an unforgettable day.  More photos are available on our our Facebook page!

Thank you also to the Port Coquitlam Sports Alliance for filming everything and putting together an awesome keepsake video.  Check it out here: https://youtu.be/w8gTgDbbLPo