Players born between 2009-2016,

We are excited to announce a focused Soccer Technical Skills Camp designed to elevate young players’ game to the next level. This camp, featuring expertise from MCR Elite Soccer Coaching, will provide an exclusive opportunity for your child to develop their soccer skills in a supportive and challenging environment.

What to Expect at the Camp

Ball Mastery Session: Players will engage in exercises aimed at improving their touch and control, ensuring they become more confident with the ball at their feet.

Technical Skills & Dribbling Drills: Tailored drills will enhance players’ dribbling skills, enabling them to navigate the field with agility and precision.

Success in 1v1 Duels: We focus on empowering players to excel in 1v1 situations, fostering a competitive edge and tactical understanding,

Positive Play in and out of Possession: The camp emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and approach, whether in control of the ball or strategizing to regain possession.

Finishing Drills: Sharpening shooting techniques, players will learn how to finish plays with accuracy and power, increasing their goal-scoring capabilities.

3v3 Tournament: The camp culminates in a 3v3 tournament, allowing players to apply their newly honed skills in a dynamic game setting.

This camp is a collaborative initiative with MCR Elite Soccer Coaching, renowned for their UEFA Licensed coaches and their experience in professional soccer in the UK. **MCR maintains a club-neutral stance**

We invite your child to join us for this enriching experience, where they will not only improve their technical skills but also foster a love for the game in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Date Age Year of Birth Gender Time Location Cost
Friday Feb 23, 2024 U9-U11 2013 – 2016 Boys & Girls 9:30am – 12:00pm Gates Turf 1 $60
Friday Feb 23, 2024 U12-U15 2009 – 2012 Boys & Girls 1:00pm – 3:30pm Gates Turf 1 $60

Administrative Information

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Last time, spots for this camp filled up in just one day due to its popularity. Make sure you don’t miss your chance this time.

Questions? Email Gaz Hughes at

We look forward to welcoming your young soccer enthusiasts to this camp.