Email sent out to U6 – U18 members Nov 23, 2020 6pm

Dear PCEFC Families,

We are pleased to announce that BC Soccer has opened their interpretation for travel. While team travel must be limited to stay within Port Coquitlam, individual players registered with our club can travel to Port Coquitlam to play. This means that if your child is registered with POCO Euro-Rite FC, they can attend practices/games in Port Coquitlam, regardless of their home address. Team location is based on the soccer club’s location, which in our case is Port Coquitlam.

This also means that Port Coquitlam teams can only play Port Coquitlam teams. We cannot travel as a team to another city to play. For example, a POCO Euro-Rite FC team cannot travel to Coquitlam to play Coquitlam Metro-Ford and vice-versa. We are looking at creating an in-club game schedule. Game information will be communicated through our coaches as soon as we have finalized our plans. For now all practices are on for this week.

It is very important to note that the health orders stipulate that there are to be no spectators at practices or games. The adults at the games will be limited to team officials only. We ask that you drop off your child and return to pick them up. Depending on the age groups, some parents will be more comfortable walking their child to the field of play and returning for pick up. If this is the case, you will need to follow the directional traffic at each facility. For example, walking your child from the main parking lot at Gates to Turf #1 for drop off and pick up is ok.

These health orders are in effect until December 7th, 2020. Should things change during this time, we will be expected to adjust and will communicate with you. We thank you for your patience and support with the ever-changing situation we find ourselves in.  

Kind Regards,

Fred Malmberg


POCO Euro-Rite FC



















Important email sent to all U5 – U18 Players / families on Sept 30, 2020

Please click here to see the email


BC Soccer & Via Sport announce next phase of Return to Play

The BC Soccer Association (BCSA) today announced guidelines for Phase 2 of Return to Play. (Click here to read their announcement).
This phase will allow for game play, with minimal changes to the rules, for soccer “cohorts”, meaning smaller groups can play against each other.

The club has received a full briefing from the BCSA and now needs to do things: 1) Revise our Return to Play plan to align with the new rules and 2) Coordinate with our District partners to ensure we are able to form cohorts with appropriate competition.

Types of programs will likely look different at different age groups and skill levels.

We ask for your patience as we work through these update guidelines and work to get everyone onto the field as soon as possible.
The safety of all our members remains our first priority.

Please stay safe and healthy,

The PCEFC Board