Divisional – U13-18

At this stage, coaches and technical staff will focus on the principles set out in “Soccer for Life” in accordance with the Long Term Player Development Model. More advanced tactics are introduced and positional play is focused on. Tiers of play range from Division 1 through 3.

The game moves to a full field beginning at U14 with 11 players aside. U13 will play on a slightly small field with 9 players a side.

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All teams play in the BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL).

Please check out the main registration page to see actual dates. Registration for the fall season generally starts in February.

Our evaluation process seeks to have players placed on a team that suits their level of play at the time of selection. Players are observed throughout the season in a variety of different environments. With the assistance of our Technical Director, Technical staff, and coaches providing player feedback, we are able to successfully place players on the appropriate team. These decisions are made in the best interests of our players and their long-term development.

This yearlong approach helps to attain a clearer “picture” of each player in terms of their skills, level of play, and commitment. We are confident that this method which involves a variety of sources for feedback provides us with the ability to make sound decisions around player placement. This process falls in line with Canada Soccer and BC Soccer guidelines.

Efforts will be made to balance all teams in Division 3. This will be done in collaboration with the Age Group Coordinators and PCEFC Technical Staff. On the registration form there is a place for requests. Consideration will be given to honor friend requests for Division 3 only. Our priority will be to make sure that all teams are balanced in terms of ability. Registering after the deadline of May 15th will likely result in requests not being considered.

Division 1 and 2 players can expect to hear from their coach prior to SD43 Spring Break.

Division 3 teams will be formed throughout the spring as players are registered.
Early registration is encouraged.    Final rosters will be released no later than August 1st

Yes, there is a difference in fees. Division 1 & 2 players typically received more practice time.

All coaches need to fill out a coaching registration form. Decisions on Head Coach positions are decided by PCEFC’s Coach Selection Committee.  If you are willing to volunteer as an Assistant Coach or Manager please click here and complete the coaching registration form.

We will look at all parents that have put their names forward as well as recommendations from the Technical Staff Team

Division 1 and 2 teams will train 2 times per week along with 1 game.

Division 3 teams will train and play a game once per week.

Games can be played on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays.

The regular season runs from September through March. Playoffs/Provincial’s can last through to June.

Home games are held at Gates Park on Artificial Turf or Grass. (Visit our Field Page HERE)

Games times will vary. Times will be scheduled between 9:00am to 6:00pm.