At Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite FC, our primary goal is to place players in an environment that promotes skill development and overall enjoyment of the game. This will allow them to find success and develop a passion for the game.

Our evaluation process seeks to have players placed on a team that suits their level of play at the time of selection. Players are observed throughout the season in a variety of different environments. With the assistance of our Technical Director, Technical staff, and coaches providing player feedback, we are able to successfully place players on the appropriate team. These decisions are made in the best interests of our players and their long-term development.

This yearlong approach helps to attain a clearer “picture” of each player in terms of their skills, level of play, and commitment. We are confident that this method which involves a variety of sources for feedback provides us with the ability to make sound decisions around player placement. This process falls in line with Canada Soccer and BC Soccer guidelines.

Out of Club Players

Important information to note:

  • Player selections are based on year-long evaluations by coaches and technical staff.

  • There will be no formal try-out sessions, based on BC Soccer and Canada Soccer Guidelines.

  • Player placements are done in the best interest of our players and their long term development.

  • All players are expected to play in their respective age group. Players may only be invited to play in a different age group by our Technical Director.  

Team Placement:

  • Once a player has been offered a position on a Development, Div 1 or Div 2 team, they must accept the spot and register within 24 hours of being notified.
  • Those using financial assistance such as Jumpstart or Kidsport, should contact the Registrar at registrar@pocosoccer.com.
  • Players and parents are expected to review and commit to the codes of conduct.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technical Director at: technicaldirector@pocosoccer.com


Community/Division 3 teams can request specific team placements – placements are not guaranteed however as we strive to balance all teams and accommodate all requests when possible

Development/Division 1/Division 2 teams – NO. The final evaluation is based on all players overall assessments. Allowing specific requests like this circumvents the evaluation process.

Development/Division 1/Division 2 – Expect two training sessions plus one game a week.

Community/Division 3 – Expect one or two training sessions a week plus one game a week.

Additional training opportunities may be available through our Academy.

Expect two or three training sessions a week. One may be with the Technical Team if the player/team elects to join the Academy sessions, plus one game a week.

This must be invited by the Technical Director.

Our goal is to have Development/Division 1/Division 2 teams formed as soon as possible after the current season ends.

Community Teams/Division 3 teams are formed throughout the Spring and Summer.