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2019/2020 Gym Practice Schedule
2020 Spring / Summer Field Requests
March 2020 Turf Training Schedule
1. Check back onto this page often for changes – further weeks will be published as soon as possible.  You should be confirming game times every week as the schedule can often change after it’s published.
2. *** NOTE U13-18 Div 2/3 only –  Click here for the League Championship Schedule
  • Games are not listed in BCCSL website, use the link above or copy into your browser
  • Please be patient as ALL Schedulers just got game schedules on Dec 29
  • Confirm games with your opposition
2019/2020 BC Coastal League Schedule

U11/12 Division 1 & 2

U13-18 Metro and Division 1

U13 – U18 Div 2 and Div 3 use

2019/2020 Tri-Cities Youth Soccer League MASTER Schedule

U8-10 All Divisons

U11/12 Division 3

  1. Use the MASTER schedule (to the LEFT) to determine if you are home or away
  2. IF you are the PCEFC HOME team,  then click on the schedule (to the RIGHT) to confirm home game times and fields.
  3. Always contact your opponent to ensure both teams will be at the correct location, date and time.
2019/2020 POCO Euro-Rite FC Home Schedule

U8-10 All Divisons

U11/12 Division 3

TCYSA Cup Schedule website
  1. Click  on the link to see the TCYSA District B-Cup Playdown Schedule
  2. IF you are the PCEFC HOME team,  then click on the schedule (to the RIGHT) to confirm home game times and fields.
  3. Always contact your opponent to ensure both teams will be at the correct location, date and time.

Soccer Fields Status

Fields are closed or opened at the discretion of the City of Port Coquitlam and the status posted on their website.

Find current field status by clicking here.

Status is updated by 8:00 am on weekends, and usually by 3:00 pm on weekdays.


Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite FC field locations are listed below and marked on the map with the blue flags. For a more detailed map click on each of the parks in the list. U5-U7 are generally played at the mini complex at Minnekhada, U8-U10 are at Gates Grass 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B and 3C and most U11-U18 home games are played at Gates Park.

The Location of most soccer fields in Metro Vancouver can be found here

  • Aggie Park – Corner of Flint Street and Coquitlam Avenue

  • Cedar Park – Prairie Avenue just west of Cedar Drive

  • Citadel Middle School – 1265 Citadel Drive

  • Ecole des Pionniers – Corner of Partricia Avenue and Sefton Street

  • Evergreen Park- Corner of Cedar Drive and Lombardy Drive

  • Gates Park – Corner of reeve Street and Wilson Ave Street

  • Minnekhada – Laurier Avenue; across from Hyde Creek Pool

  • McLean Park – corner of Grant Avenue and Wellington Street

  • Pitt River Middle School – 2070 Tyner Street

  • Terry Fox Park – adjacent to Terry Fox Secondary School, 1260 Riverwood Gate


Field Layout



Corner of Patricia Avenue and Sefton Street

Field use is controlled by the City of Port Coquitlam. Certain fields are only available to us for games, and some are not available at all.  The City needs to balance all field user groups, as well as maintain the quality of the fields.  All fields listed above are strictly OFF LIMITS unless schedule by the Club.

Grass fields are NOT to be used for any training activities during the playing season (September to April). Grass fields can not withstand usage above that allocated for games. Additional usage from team training will result in damage fields, and thus increase the likelihood that the fields will not last the entire season.

Fields are closed to prevent damage to the fields, and to protect players from injury. Fields will be closed when saturated from heavy rainfall, frozen or frost covered from cold temperatures, snow covered, or if previously damaged. Fields will be evaluated with a focus of keeping them usable for the entire season, not to allowing any one game to proceed. During the non-playing season (May to August) fields may also be closed to allow recovery, re-growth or repair.

Any member of the club executive who has inspected/ evaluated the field condition may close a field. If fields are marginal they will be inspected on an individual basis, since conditions may vary from park-to-park. Since conditions may change throughout the day; regardless of the posted fields status, its is the ultimate responsibility of the referee to evaluate conditions before and during the game to ensure the field is not being damaged. Any decisions made by the referee with respect to field condition must be respected by all teams.  Coaches are not to cancel games due to weather.

The City of Port Coquitlam will update field status by 8:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays. Mid-week closures can occur.  Please check the City’s website during severe weather conditions.

Closures are shown on the City of Port Coquitlam website.  See below for their site.

A team’s violation of the Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite FC field use policy by either playing on a closed field, or training on a game field during the playing season, will result in the following consequences:

-First time; Warning.

-Second time; The team will have training time suspended.

-Fines may also be assessed by the City for violations- these will be passed along to the responsible teams.