Thank you to everyone that attended our recent Annual General Meeting.  Lots of great questions and discussion, helping us move our club forward.

We’d like to extend our most grateful thanks to Fred Malmberg, who served for many years as our President – even past when his own kids had out grown youth soccer.

For the 2021/2022 season, this is your Board of Directors:

Sean Walker – President
Craig Widmer – Vice President
Tracey Carslake – Secretary
Sue Kehler – Treasurer
Kerry Pearson – Boys Divisional Coordinator (U14-18)
Veronica  Enair – Girls Mini Coordinator (U8-10)
Jennifer Godin – Boys Mini Coordinator (U8-10)
Kim Wood – Girls Super 8 Coordinator (U11-13)
Dave  Markel – Boys Super 8 Coordinator (U11-13)
Teresa Musgrave – Facilities & Volunteers
Cindy Friesen – Adult Women’s Coordinator
Ron  Travers – Equipment Manager
Chris  MacKinnon – Director at Large
Rob Toor – Director at Large
Ken  Thomas – District Representative
Mike Purdy – Risk Management Officer

Contact info for all staff and board members can be found on our website.