Minis U8-10

(Age 7 – 9)

Age Year of Birth
U04 2019
U05 2018
U06 2017
U07 2016
U08 2015
U09 2014
U10 2013
U11 2012
U12 2011

Mini’s U8-10- Two Streams of Development

Many clubs place players on teams based on various school catchment areas or group kids with their friends. While this might be beneficial in terms of organization, we must ask if this is the best way to develop our players as they enter the key development years of 7-9.

Most can relate to watching mini soccer and seeing that 3 or 4 players dominate in game situations, leaving other players to rarely touch the ball. Placing these players in another division, would allow for the remaining players to get more involved, take on more leadership roles and acquire more interest. Further, it allows for more touches on the ball, which supports skill development.

With a wide range of abilities in mixed groups, coaches can find it challenging to find activities that engage all players on the team. This can lead to the content being too difficult for some and too simple for others. By grouping players with similar ability, coaches will be able to deliver activities at a pace that will meet their players’ needs. In this way, instruction is differentiated, meeting players at their level with the goal of moving them along the continuum of Long Term Player Development.

The issue of unbalanced teams is one that many clubs have to deal with. There are teams of players that go through a season with very little success, leaving players, parents and coaches discouraged. This can lead to problems of player and coach retention. Having teams of players with similar abilities would help to alleviate these issues.

The goal of ability based teams is to allow all players to play at their skill and confidence level. We want all players to be challenged, to build their skills and to enjoy their playing experiences. We wish to provide coaches with technical support to ensure they are meeting the needs of their players. We believe that providing children with the opportunity to play with and against those of similar ability will enhance both player and coach development.

Some Guiding Principles

  • Year-long evaluation of players with an opportunity for upward movement (no downward movement within a playing year).

  • Technical support for all coaches in the age group to evenly distribute coaching talent.

  • A transparent evaluation process.

  • A clear communication plan to parents and coaches not only in the beginning stages, but year-long.

At this stage coaches and technical staff will focus on the principles set out in “Learn to Train”, the third stage of the Long Term Player Development Model (set out by the CSA). Basic principles of play, training ethic, decision making, environmental awareness and discipline will be focused on.
Players also have the opportunity to join extra training through Poco Euro-Rite FC Player Academy (Click HERE)



All U8-10 Teams play in the North Fraser Youth Soccer Association (NFYSA) in either the house or or development league.

Teams are formed through evaluations of players during their season starting at U7. This will be taken from observation by the technical staff coaches, the parent coaches and also through assessment of players through various Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite FC Camps and Academies.

Teams will be formed with all efforts to balance all teams in the House and the Development Divisions. This will be done in collaboration with the Poco Euro-Rite FC Technical Director, Mini’s Program Director and Mini’s Technical Staff.

You cannot register for either League. You register for the age group and then you will be placed on teams through our team formation process.

Please check out the main registration page to see actual dates. Registration for the fall season generally starts at our Mini Jamboree in March.

We will start the team formation process of the Development teams first. This will begin in early June. We will proceed with the House teams after this, but will not have House rosters finalized until mid-late August.
You will be contacted by your child’s coach, who will provide you with practice times and game schedules. Please make sure that the email and phone number that we have in our system is correct or we will not be able to make contact with you.

No, it is the same cost for registration for both the House and Development League. Additional fees may apply to join the optional academy program.

If you are a new player playing in our club, you will initially be placed on the House Team, unless otherwise assessed in a Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite FC club Academy or Camp.

As players are registered, parents are asked to indicate if they are willing to volunteer as Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Managers. We will look at all parents that have put their names forward as well as recommendations from the Technical Staff Team.

Based on registration numbers in each club, we are looking on average to have 30% of the players placed in the Development Division and 70% in the House Division. We will assess each season if additional Development teams will be added.

In the House Division all efforts will be made to honour friend requests, keeping in mind that our first priority will be to make sure that all teams are balanced in terms of ability. On the Development side there will be less emphasis on friend requests, with the priority being balanced teams. Any players registering after the deadline of June 1st, will most likely not have any requests looked at.

Some may and some may not. Due to the nature of the two tiers, teams will change and so might coaches. Every effort will be made to maintain status quo with a commitment to balancing teams to ensure the best success for all.

Yes, there will be continued evaluation throughout the season. Initially, we will keep the Development League teams smaller to allow movement, if possible.

No, there will be no movement from Development to House during the season, unless requested by the family. However, all players will be assessed through the year and may or may not be placed on a Development team for the following season.

We will be playing 6 aside at Under 8. This means 5 outfield players and a goalie.
We will be playing 7 aside at Under 9 & 10. This means 6 outfield players and a goalie.

Yes, we will be interlocking with Coquitlam Metro Ford Soccer Club and Port Moody Soccer Club for the Development and House League Divisions.

Mini teams are assigned different colours so that when they play each other there aren’t conflicts. Each team will also have pinnies, if conflicts between uniforms arise.

Most teams will train once per week and play a game once per week. Training days will be determined in September. Games are on Saturdays for boys and Sundays for girls. Teams are not formed based on day of the week training requests.

Season start:
2nd or 3rd weekend September – Boys games on Saturdays, Girls on Sundays
Winter break starts 2nd weekend in December with games starting 2nd weekend in January. Exact dates will be communicated to the teams each year.
Season end:
The regular season wraps up at the Mini Jamboree generally held the weekend before SD43 Spring Break. More information will be available on the website as we approach the weekend. This is also the weekend that Registration starts for the next season.

U8 at Ecole des Pionniers and away games are at various fields in Coquitlam and Port Moody (Fields to be announced)
U9 and U 10 Home Field – Gates Park 3A, 3B, 3C. Away Games in Coquitlam and Port Moody (Fields to be announced)

Click here for Fields Page.

Games times will vary. Times will be scheduled between 9:00am to 4:00pm. You will receive more information about this in late August/early September. Schedule Information.

The Mini’s are supported by our Mini Program Director, our Technical Director and our Assistant Technical Director. Additional support will be offered by our Mini’s Technical Staff. They will be supporting the coaches where needed and providing coach development sessions throughout the season. At this age group, the teams are fully run by the volunteer parent coaches.

Your child will need to have soccer shoes, shin pads and a water bottle. These are mandatory at every game and practice. Players need runners as practices are held indoors in gymnasiums starting in October.
Your registration fee covers the cost of games, practices, fields, gyms, jersey, shorts and socks, and referee’s when required.
For boys, an athletic supporter is recommended.

The U is short for “under”. Age groups for teams are determined by the year of birth of the child. Players must be “under” the age level as of December 31st in order to play for that age level.
For example, for a player to participate in the U8 level, he or she must be 7 years old and not have attained the age of 8 years prior to December 31st of the year that you are registering in.

Players in both streams (Development and House) will have access to receive extra training through our Player Academy. More information on our Academy Program can be found HERE

All questions can be directed to:
PoCo Euro-Rite FC, Technical Director