For the 2019-2020 soccer season, Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite Soccer Club, in conjunction with its sponsors, its teams and players will once again undertake a fundraising raffle in which 19,999 tickets will be produced and sold for $5 per ticket.   Our Club’s primary sponsor, Euro-Rite Cabinets, has contributed a Dream Kitchen Renovation Package, which will be the grand prize.   We are grateful to Euro-Rite Cabinets for its ongoing support of our club.

PCEFC is committed to developing our players and offering more programs and opportunities to support the continued development of our membership at all ages and levels of play.   As operating costs continue to escalate across all programs, the Club continues to look for ways to generate additional funds without passing these costs directly onto our membership.   Last season’s raffle raised approximately $60,000 in net revenue that was applied directly to PCEFC programs and expenses.   The expectation and goal for the 2019/20 raffle is to generate $100,000 in gross revenue for the PCEFC 2019-2020 programs.

Tickets for the 2019/20 raffle are $5 per ticket.   Each player will receive one $50 book of 10 tickets.   Based on the volume of positive feedback we received last year, and given the high dollar value of the prizes the Club awards, tickets should remain a very easy sell.   In addition, the raffle tickets represent extremely good value with great odds of winning.

PCEFC sponsors and suppliers have continued to support the Club in a big way.   We will have both an Early Bird Draw on Feb. 1, 2020 and a Grand Prize Draw on Mar. 7 th 2020.

Grand Prize Draw includes:

$20000 Euro Rite Dream Kitchen Renovation

$10000 Beachcomber Hot Tub

$3000 Cash Prize

Vancouver Whitecaps Season Tickets for 2

Early Bird Draw includes:

$2500 Euro-Rite Gift Certificate for Bathroom Vanity or Closet

$1000 Cash Prize

Team Prizes:

Teams who return all of their assigned ticket stubs and money on or before January 27/20 will be entered into a draw to win team funds.   Prizes are as follows:

U6/U7 2 prizes of $250

U8-U10 2 prizes of $350

U11-U13 2 prizes of $450

U14-U18 2 prizes of $500

Team Fundraising:

Teams that choose to sell additional tickets above those assigned by the Club will earn 50% of the ticket proceeds for their team (eg $2.50/ticket).   These additional tickets do not need to be returned by the team prize draw deadline for your team to qualify for the draws.