1. Eligibility

  • Current full time Grade 12 student
  • Application package received by April 15th in the Grade 12 graduation year to email address Info@pocosoccer.com

2. Criteria

  • Currently participating in our Club as a player and/or as a coach for a minimum of 3 consecutive years.
  • Volunteer experience, special consideration may be given to those who have volunteered with the club.
  • Resident of the Lower Mainland
  • Academic achievement with a minimum B average

3. Application package to include

  1. School transcript
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Soccer Resume in list style
  4. Letter of reference from a teacher or counselor and a coach.

Applicant shall prepare a Cover letter that includes:

  • Player’s name, full address, phone, email
  • How playing soccer for the club has impacted you
  • Most memorable moment in PoCo Euro-Rite FC
  • ‘A brief outline of plans after graduation, include career goals and educational institute that you plan to attend after graduation.

Applicant shall prepare a Soccer Resume that includes:

  • Player’s name, full address, phone, email
  • Name of current team and coach and other teams you have been involved with
  • Team accomplishments’
  • Name of team you are coaching, if applicable
  • ‘Volunteering you have done in or out of the club and any other club activities (eg ref, academy staff)
  • Any academic, sports or other accomplishments as an individual including rewards, honors and recognition
  • Involvement in other clubs or social activities either in school or outside of school including any volunteer organizations

Email full Application package to info@pocosoccer.com   Attention:  Scholarship committee before April 15th