The Timbits U4-U7

(Age 3-6)

Age Year of Birth
U04 2021
U05 2020
U06 2019
U07 2018
U08 2017
U09 2016
U10 2015
U11 2014
U12 2013
U13 2012
U14 2011
U15 2010
U16 2009
U17 2008
U18 2007

The Timbits program for U4-U7 is all about FUN!!

U4 & U5 is an introductory program set up to provide stimulating activities that promote fundamental skill development, overall movement skills and of course fun, fun, fun! Players will be provided with sessions that are organized and supervised under the direction of technical staff coaches.

The U6 & U7 Mini’s Program follows Stage 2 of the Long Term Player Development “Fundamentals”. It is designed to further fundamental skill development and overall movement skills in an optimal learning environment where the atmosphere is “Freedom and Fun”. This program will be facilitated by staff coaches in conjunction with parent volunteer coaches. A staff coach will lead all mid-week training sessions with parent/volunteer coach assistance for the entire season.

What does U4, U5, etc mean?

The U is short for “under”. Age groups for teams are determined by the year of birth of the child. Players must be “under” the age level as of December 31st in order to play for that age level.  For example, for a player to participate in the U4 level, he or she must be 3 years old and not have attained the age of 4 years prior to December 31st of the year that you are registering in.  U5 would be 4 years old, etc.